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Smudge Kit - The Wong Way
Cleansing Bundle - The Wong Way
Smudge Kit - The Wong Way
Cleansing Bundle - The Wong Way

Cleansing Bundle

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Smudging and cleansing has been around for centuries and is based on the Native American Cleansing Practice. Having the Selenite and Rose Quartz will compliment your cleanse as their properties will bring in love, light and peace, beaming into the space, focusing on these positive harmonious properties moving forward.

Bundles are intuitively hand selected. 

  • Small: 10cm L x 4.5cm W x 5cm H
  • Large: 23cm L x 5cm W x 7cm H


  • ≜ To begin your cleanse, ensure all windows and doorways are open to allow the negative energies to leave the space.
  • ≜ Start from the front door of your home and ensure the sage smudge stick is well lit.
  • ≜ Hold the Selenite and Rose Quartz in the other hand whilst smudging or if you wish smudge with the bundle as is. Either option is okay to do.
  • ≜ Begin to move around the home in an anti-clockwise motion, as well as an anti-clockwise hand motion.
  • ≜ Allow the smoke to drift to into hidden smaller spaces like cupboards and dark corners as you make the intention for the negative energies to leave the space and can even state it aloud that it is no longer welcome, and it is time to move on.
  • ≜ Allow the sage to self-extinguish or if desired you can put it out and place on a small dish if not tied to the selenite and rose quartz crystals.
  • ≜ Use again whenever you feel in need of a cleanse and to remove unwanted negative energies.

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Michelle K

A beautiful bundle!