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Care Guide

Handmade locally in Australia with precious metals and quality materials our pieces are designed to be worn daily. Due to the fact our pieces are delicate in nature it is recommended to handle with care. A simple rule for any jewellery is “last on, first off”

For maximum usage and longevity of your jewellery pieces life span please avoid wearing your pieces when: exercising, in the water, or any other activity which may lead to scratching, damage to the item or rapid tarnish of materials. These pieces are durable but not indestructible. 

Pieces can also become tarnished through contact with chemicals in surrounding areas. We recommend removing your jewellery when cleaning the house, showering or putting on makeup. 

Please only apply essential oil to the lava beads, if you happen to get any on your chain or crystals, wipe away clean with a cloth. 

We recommend storing your jewellery in a dry environment to avoid oxidation. (Bathrooms are not an ideal location to store jewellery).

If you are wanting to keep your piece clean and always new looking, we recommend using our loved brand "town talk clean & polish" one of our favourite brands that help assist keeping your jewellery pieces looking new everyday. We also offer free cleaning with our ultra sonic cleaner in store for all your Wong Way jewellery pieces, simply come in store and receive a free cleaning anytime. Our store details and hours can be found here.

Due to the natural nature of lava beads being porous and uniquely different. We understand that there is a possibility these beads may slightly change overtime. This may not be the case for 99% of our jewellery pieces. But for the pieces that do have this slight change in the bead, we offer replacement lava beads free of charge for the first 2 years of your jewellery's lifetime. If your lava bead has noticeably changed over time out of this timeframe please contact us for bead replacement as we are more than happy to help.