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1. What is aromatherapy lava jewellery?

Aromatherapy lava jewellery is simply jewellery pieces designed to diffuse your favourite essential oils. This can be done by applying a small amount of essential oil on the lava stone, which will absorb the essential oil and hold the scent for a few hours, even up to a few days in some cases.

Lava stones are able to absorb and diffuse essential oils so not only can we create these beautiful pieces, you are also able to experience the incredible aromatherapy benefits when applying an essential oil to the lava stone. This versatile jewellery will have you smelling heavenly, feeling uplifted and calm.

2. What is lava stones?

Lava stones is one of the oldest stones found in the world, used throughout centuries, different cultures used the lava stones to protect, ground and empower.

Lava stone is made of basalt, an indigenous rock formed during a volcanic eruption. Below the surface of active volcanoes, the temperature and pressure is the perfect conditions to melt the rock. So when the volcano erupts it throws out molten rock. When this rock comes into contact with the cool atmosphere of the earth it begins to solidify. A fiery ball that bubbles to the surface to bring us these beautiful pieces.

Having the properties of such raw energy, it has a stabilising effect on overall emotions and energies for a person or space. Spiritually, lava stones assist with grounding and balancing the root chakra. Providing endurance and strength within self and stability during moments of disarray. Lava stone strengthens our relationship with the earth and dispels anything that may no longer serve us, as well as negativity. A beautiful stone of rebirth and shedding unneeded layers of emotional attachments.

3. Where do the lava beads come from?

This is a very important question for us as we recently learned when we were in Hawaii that it is believed to be bad luck and disrespectful to Papahānaumoku and many other cultures to remove lava from their source of origin. Which is why we consciously ensure our lava beads are sourced from places that have abundance of lava and no cultural beliefs of disrespect when removed. Our lava stones primarily come from Brazil and Indonesia.

4. Where is the jewellery made?

We proudly create all your pieces locally in Australia. Working with our beautiful qualified jewellers on the Central Coast and Sydney. Each piece is unique and high quality thanks to the handmade nature of our jewellery.

5. How can I benefit from wearing my jewellery?

You can benefit many ways when applying essential oils on your lava jewellery, depending on which oil you choose for the day. The benefits will vary, a few example are:

Citrus essential oils: Positive, uplifted, energised

Floral essential oils: Calming, peaceful, relaxed

Woody essential oils: Grounding, centered, stabilised

You can learn more about the essential oils here

There are also many benefits when wearing your jewellery without any essential oil, because of the benefits from the lava stone. You can read more about the benefits of the lava stone here

6. How do I diffuse essential oils on my jewellery?

The best way to apply your essential oil onto the lava bead is to place your finger over the top of the essential oil bottle, turn it over so the bottom of the bottle is facing upwards and turn it back. This will leave a small residue of the oil on your finger which is plenty to apply onto the lava beads. Rub the oil over the beads until coated and it will slowly absorb. You can then rub any remaining oil left on your finger to your pulse points or behind your ears if the oil is safe to use for you. Alternatively you can apply a drop of oil on the corner of a tissue and dab it into the lava bead. 

If any oil accidentally falls onto the chain, simply wipe it away clean. 

7. Will the essential oils stain my clothes?

If you are using a high quality grade essential oil like our desired brand dōTERRA it is unlikely to stain any clothing items as they are mostly colourless and 100% natural, which means there wouldn't be any fillers binding the oil to your clothes