About Us

Hey there shining star,

Welcome to our little world and all things The Wong Way. I'm Izy, founder and director. I thought it would be fun to share with you the story behind why I started The Wong Way back in 2015.

The Wong Way Our business name, is probably the first thing you noticed when discovering us. Funny story, it was initially a joke when brainstorming different names. But I ended up sticking with it, because of the back story with my last name “Wong” I used to get teased and be ashamed of the name when I was younger. So I thought it was the perfect fit, in theme of my goal and intention what I wanted to share here.

When starting The Wong Way my goal was ultimately to inspire others to shine their light in this world, to be true to themselves and live authentically on their divine path in life. I wanted to offer a beautiful range of products to support their mental health, wellbeing and journey in life holistically.

So because my last name “Wong” was a set back for me, I thought it was the perfect fit and example to show you that no matter what set backs we may face. We are always going to overcome them and that they only make us stronger and grow as a person.

Set backs are something we need to embrace and be grateful for looking back on our journey in life, as they play a vital role in becoming the person we are today. Always growing, evolving and changing.

So be true to yourself always and shine your light. ✨✨✨✨✨