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About Us

Hey there shining stars,

Welcome to our world, all things The Wong Way. I'm Izy, founder and director. I would like to share with you my story behind the brand and how it came to life back in 2015.

Facing challenges in my day to day life. Managing the ups and downs. Working towards emotional intelligence and deepening my understandings with mental health. I found support in an umbrella of holistic tools I love and use everyday. After personally experiencing profound benefits with a range of essential oils and crystals. I felt the need to share this with the world.

The Wong Way’s goal is ultimately to inspire you to shine your light, to be true to who you are and live authentically on your divine path in life. Feeling supported along your journey with a beautiful range of products to support your mental health, wellbeing and journey in life holistically.

The story behind the brands name The Wong Way was initially a playful joke when brainstorming a name for the business. But I ended up sticking with it as the meaning is a little deeper. I used to get teased and be ashamed of my last name “Wong” when I was younger. I would try to hide it as well as my Chinese heritage. Living unauthentically trying to be something else to fit what I thought was “society’s normal”.

Overcoming the attachments of the name was a difficult journey for me and something I am now proud of today.

Looking back on my journey there were hurdles big or small I have faced and will continue to do so. It’s the journey of life. An important aspect shaping us into the person we are today. We are always growing, evolving and changing.

So no matter what, be true to yourself always and shine your light. ✨✨✨✨✨