About Us

Hey there lovely,

I’m Izy, born in Sydney Australia I lived in the quirky suburb of Marrickville, growing up I was always surrounded by diversity and many different cultures. During my high school years we moved to the Central Coast, I loved the Coastal lifestyle but missed the cultural diversity I had back in Sydney and felt like I didn’t fit in coming from a Portuguese and Chinese background.

Growing up my mum always taught me the importance about using plants, herbs and food to nourish and support your body’s health and wellbeing. It wasn’t until I was living on my own that I discovered the importance of this for myself. From my personal struggles managing my emotional wellbeing and mental health I found my passion for essential oils after a very positive experience with my favourite oil Clary Calm. This opened up my world to essential oils and the many benefits they have, as well as wanting to share these amazing benefits to support others that could have been struggling with similar things as I did.

Which inspired The Wong Way. I used to feel shame behind my last name Wong during high school from being teased about the name as well as my cultural differences with others. I wanted to use this in my business to be an example and inspire others to not feel ashamed of where we have come from/ background and to shine our light, be true to ourselves, living authentically the way we feel and not feeling the pressures to conform to societies standards.

This was a pivotal point for me in my life and have grown even more since this journey began and am currently studying to be a nurse and aim to continue with midwifery and delve into the holistic side with this area when the time comes, but for now. My aim is to empower others to support their emotions and mental health just as I did using essential oils. As well as educating others about the many benefits of essential oils and how easy it can be to incorporate it in our day. I know I struggled starting my oil journey as there was a lot to take in at the beginning and know a lot of my customers loves how I share the simplicity of incorporating the oils and how easy it can be for them. Join the journey with me #livingthewongway

Thank you for being here and I am looking forward to supporting you and your essential oil journey.

Much love

Izy x