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Crystal Gua Sha - Clear Quartz - The Wong Way
Crystal Gua Sha - Clear Quartz - The Wong Way

Crystal Gua Sha - Clear Quartz

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Gua Sha is an East Asian technique adopted to promote wellbeing, increase circulation and remove toxins that build up in the body. Gua means to scrape and Sha means sand so the Gua Sha tool is designed to help that process. When used correctly, the stroke pattern activates the body's healing abilities by awakening the meridian lines or life-force path.

Awakening the meridian lines helps enliven organs such as the stomach, liver, heart and kidneys while the skin benefits include increased circulation & collagen production which makes skin appear more plump & radiant. Each stroke helps release muscle tension, sculpting & toning the face which also allows inflammation & toxins to drain away.

Benefits of a crystal facial roller:

  • ♡ Increased flow of oxygenated blood/ circulation
  • ♡ Drains toxins from cells
  • ♡ Reduce appearance of wrinkles
  • ♡ Brightens complexion
  • ♡ Reduce tension & headaches 
  1. Wash and cleanse face & hands before you begin.
  2. Apply facial oil over the face & neck starting at the forehead and moving downwards to promote lymph drainage.
  3. Warm your gua sha tool by running it between your hands.
  4. Gently sweep upwards over the throat and over the neck to activate the Ren channel which collects the Yin energy of the abdomen, chest, neck, head & face.
  5. Keeping the tool flat, begin underneath your chin & sweep underneath your chin & out to your earlobe.
  6. Returning to the centre of your chin, sweep from the middle of your chin over your jawline and back towards your earlobe.
  7. Sweep underneath your cheekbone and out to the hairline near your ear.
  8. Sweep over your cheekbones and out to the hairline.
  9. Gently sweep underneath the eye starting at the inner corner and moving out to the hairline.
  10. Sweep over the eyebrow and upwards over the brow bone, up over the forehead and towards the hairline. Do this in small sections across the eyebrow area.
  11. Sweep from between the eyebrows over the third eye and up to the hairline.
  12. Sweep from the middle of the forehead out to the hairline.
  13. Repeat the above steps on the other side of the face.
  14. Once both sides of the face are complete, sweep down the neck one more time to promote further drainage.

Clear Quartz encourages clarity of thought and purpose to one’s heart and mind. It works on all levels of the energetic and physical bodies and resonates with all chakras. Clear Quartz will amplify any energy with which it moves into resonance, including other stones, constantly broadcasting that energy into the Earth's electromagnetic field. This makes Clear Quartz an excellent stone to use for healing, manifestation or prayer work. Clear Quartz helps to establish a strong, clear connection to higher guidance.


8.5cm x 5cm

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