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New Oils Expansion Pack Flashcards - The Wong Way
New Oils Expansion Pack Flashcards - The Wong Way
New Oils Expansion Pack Flashcards - The Wong Way

New Oils Expansion Pack Flashcards

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We're excited to have an expansion pack so you can have the new oils added to your collection.


Learning about essential oils don't have to be boring...

We designed all of your new cards to have catchy phrases that are easier to remember and with portability in mind so they can easily fit in your essential oil pouch and travel with you when you need it.

We love making sure your essential oils are fun and enjoyable as well as useful and educational.

What else should I know?
  • - Each card is laminated for durability, oil protection and because it feels so nice.

  • - Each box includes a flexible, metal ring to hold all your cards together.

  • - The colours match the colours of your dōTERRA oil bottles

  • - The cards measure 3.25x3.25" so they're easy to hold and throw in your bag.

  • - Green Mandarine

  • - Magnolia

  • - Pink Pepper

  • - Turmeric

  • - Yarrow | Pom

  • - Cellular Complex

  • - Dream

  • - Radiant

  • - Beautiful

  • - Hope

Kids Blends:

  • - Focus Blend

  • - Courage Blend

  • - Grounding Blend

  • - Protective Blend

  • - Restful Blend

  • - Soothing Blend

  • - Name of the essential oil
  • - A pithy saying to help you remember how to use them
  • - Colours that match the colour of your essential oil bottle

  • - 3-4 benefits of each oil. These are written in a way that allows you to use them in a class or sales setting. We wanted them to be as FDA friendly as possible so that you can use them in group settings without any worries. The copy is inspired by dōTERRA's website and other related educational sources.
  • - Symbols to easily show how you can use the oils (aromatically, topically, internally)
  • - A dandy disclaimer

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