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How to Buy Essential Oils

There are two ways you can buy essential oils. Below explains the difference between the two:

The best value for money saving up to 55% is to SHOP WHOLESALE/JOIN especially if purchasing more than 3 oils a year. But if you were happy to just buy a few oils here and there then SHOP RETAIL would be the other option

What it does mean to shop wholesale/join:

  • You pay wholesale prices, 25% saving off retail

  • You can order as little or as much, whenever you want

  • You can accumulate points towards getting free oils (kind of similar to flybuys)

  • You get your shipping cost back in points!

  • You can access freebies and promotions

  • You can just use the oils for personal use, or have the option to go further & share the oils with others

  • You can join our exclusive Wong Way Tribe. Be educated, inspired & motivated for your overall health and wellness journey

  • You will always have our full support & help if ever required

What it doesn’t mean to shop wholesale/join:

  • You are not locked into anything

  • You do not have to order monthly if you don't want to

  • You do not have to host 'parties' or enrol other people

  • You don't ever have to order again if you don't want to (the oils are amazing though so you probably will)

Join up two ways:

Option 1

You pay the $35.00 membership fee and add which ever oils you would like.

Option 2

You purchase any of our joining kits which we have available here: VIEW KITS (when purchasing a kit the membership fee is included and is the most cost effective option regarding value for money)

Joining simply means that you get the best price available and have access to freebies. Don't hesitate to contact us for further information and so we can help you choose the best option for you and start your essential oil journey.