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Host a Workshop

  • Curious about essential oils and wanting to learn the basics with your friends and family?
  • Do you have a few friends or family that would be interested in learning more about the benefits of essential oils for emotional support, health and overall wellness?
  • Perhaps you are already an essential oil lover and want to learn how to make the most of the oils you already have? We could do a refresher class followed by a DIY and make a custom roller blend for everyone on the day.

  • Maybe you are beginning your low tox journey? We also run DIY classes in your home, teaching you how to swap out products in your home with a low tox alternative that you can easily make. Supporting your body with less toxins and bank account with more dollars saved when you transition to a low tox lifestyle.

If any of the above sounds like something you are curious about learning, we definitely recommend hosting a class with us. It's the best way to learn more about essential oils and delve deeper into topics you and your friends and family are interested in. It's a fun and educational way to learn together and an excuse to catch up.

Workshop in Madeira

Our workshops involve:

  • Duration: 45 minutes

  • Covering the everyday uses for the oils such as: boosting your immune system, digestion, sleep, stress, hormone balancing, headaches, detoxifying, clearing toxins from the home and cleaning with natural alternatives.

  • How to use essential oils safely and effectively 

  • What's so good about dōTERRA's essential oils?

  • Access to all of our books, resources and oils for everyone to use and smell (most important part of the class)

Benefits of hosting a workshop

Not only will you receive a host thank you gift, you will also be entitled to the many benefits of the essential oils and a personalised wellness consult. We love rewarding our hosts for putting in their time an energy to hosting a workshop. Not only is hosting a workshop educational and beneficial for you, but also your family and friends.

Our events usually turn into a social get together, it's wonderful to see how open and supportive people are to each other. We aim to share information that is valuable and life changing whilst still having fun in a relaxed environment. Anyone that you know will benefit from the oils or loves health and wellness will gain a lot from attending our events.