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Avalon Breen

Hi everyone! I'm Avalon and I am a Gemini rising, Aries sun and Leo moon. From early on in my childhood I was exposed to things like spirituality and astrology through my family as they had an acute interest in these areas of knowledge. Growing up like this, modalities like astrology feel so natural and aligned for me to share and engage in. I have always been intensely fascinated with the deeper parts of life which led to me to studying and majoring in philosophy for my bachelor of arts degree I graduated with in 2018.

Through having an awareness of astrology at such a young age I know I have been able to work on my own weakness whilst cultivating my strengths to become a more integrated, balanced and full individual. I absolutely love learning (my gemini rising has a strong influence on me) and I’m endlessly curious about everything and I am so passionate about sharing my knowledge and insights to help people transform there lives!