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About Essential Oils

what is an essential oil?

Essential Oils are natural liquids extracted from plants. This may include their leaves, fruit, sap, bark, flowers and their roots. Used throughout centuries these essential oils are highly concentrated and extremely potent. 1 drop is equal to 28 cups of peppermint tea! That’s a lot of tea. Essential Oils were man kind's first medicine and are still used in medicine today. They were used in ancient Egypt and evidence of Essential Oils were discovered in the tomb of Tutankhamen. In fact, they were so highly treasured, the oils were stolen ahead of many artefacts that are now invaluable.

The oil is an extract from the plant is in other words the plants “immune system” when under threat in its natural habitat the plant excretes an oil to protect itself from disease or predators. So when using the oils on ourselves, we are gaining these benefits some of the many benefits and properties these oils contain are: antibacterial, anticancer, anti-fungal, anti-infectious, antimicrobial, antitumor, anti-parasitic, antiviral, antiseptic, ect.

These oils penetrate the skin rapidly and start transporting nutrients to every cell within your body in minutes. A study done with lavender oil demonstrated that it took less than 30 seconds for 1 drop of lavender to reach the liver when rubbed on the arm. They are such powerful antioxidants that provide defence against everyday free radicals e.g. pollution, chemicals, disease, fungus, ect. and have the ability to destroy bacteria and viruses as well as detoxify the body. That is why they are such an incredible natural plant based solution to use for our health and wellbeing.

how essential oils are made:

The oils can be either steam distilled or cold pressed directly from the plant. The process of sourcing the oils is one that doTERRA prides themselves on. It is imperative that you use the highest quality grade essential oil. For your own benefit doTERRA is the highest quality essential oil brand that sources 100% pure aromatic compounds. There are no: fillers, synthetic agents, herbicides, pesticides, toxins, artificial chemical compounds or diluents added. Just 100% oily goodness.  It is for this reason that these oils are able to be used aromatically, topically and internally.

how to use essential oils:


  • Inhale directly from the bottle.

  • Use a diffuser to disperse aromatic compounds in the air in the form of a cool mist (oil burners are not recommended due to the fact it changes the chemical structure of oil and reduces the benefits gained). Diffusing essential oils can either be very stimulating or soothing. Diffusing the oils into the air can cleanse and purify the air.

  • Put oil in spray bottle with water and spritz to refresh/relax/disinfect/neutralise the air or area.

  • Put 1-2 drops of your favourite essential oil on our lava jewellery available here smelling the aromatics wherever you go.

"Inhalation of the oil, or the aroma from the oil, can be a powerful way to affect memory, hormones, and emotions through the olfactory system. Inhalation of oils can also be a quick and effective way to affect the sinuses, larynx, bronchial tubes, and lungs." - The Modern Essentials book


  • Apply directly on area of concern e.g. temples for headache, chest area for sinuses. * On sensitive or infants skin use a carrier oil like fractionated coconut oil to dilute. Refer to Modern Essential Safety Chart for dilution reference. Using a carrier is also effective in spreading the essential oil over a larger area. *Avoid applying essential oils near eyes and inside of ears.

  • Apply essential oils to the base of feet. Our feet are the largest pores on our body, applying the oil to your feet will give your body an overall effect. Very beneficially when detoxing cleansing, or wanting a full body experience.

  • Also able to be applied like a perfume, for your daily scent as well as reflexology points on body


  • Add a 1-2 drops of essential oil in a glass, then add water. (only use glass, approved aluminium bottles or PET plastic)

  • Place a drop directly under your tongue, this is a method which reaches your bloodstream quicker due to the capillaries under the tongue allowing the oil to be absorbed straight in your bloodstream. Frankincense is recommended as a daily protocol to assist with brain function and memory, by Dr Hill.

  • Combine any blend in a veggie capsule (veggie capsules are plant based empty capsules, enabling you to fill it with any essential oil combination) great way to make an “antibiotic blend”

  • The oils can be used in cooking, preferably added toward the end in heated dishes. You will be surprised with the amount of flavour from 1 drop

why doterra?

It’s a matter of quality. Oils just ain’t oils. These essential oils are the purest and most delicious smelling oils that you can find. The quality comes down to the way our oils are sourced, distilled and tested. The morals and values of doTERRA builds the foundation to ensure these essential oils are:

  • the highest and purest quality available to us

  • ethically sourced from around the world

  • in line with the values of Fair Trade

  • animal cruelty free

  • environmentally and economical sustainable

  • tested up to the highest of standards

In further detail, here are the vital procedures and level of standards that differentiates doTERRA essential oils to any other:

Sourcing the best plant variety: Out of all the different species of a plant, for instance let’s use lemon as an example. doTERRA studies and investigates into every species available of lemon. The way each species reacts to humans. Ensuring we have the best possible plant variety that works best for us.

Harvesting the plant from it indigenous heritage: Once we know the best plant variety, we research even further investigating where this is grown indigenously. Sourcing the plant from its indigenous heritage, the land on which it is grown like a weed and no herbicides or pesticides are necessary. This further establishes the oils quality.

Fair Trade and Ethically sourced: Working with the locals of the country, who know the land the best. Mother nature is taken care of by sustainable farming practices. The oils are sourced ethically. Equal fair trade, pay, standards and quality of life are all major factors regarding how the workers are looked after. Working together as a collaboration and building alliances with the communities.

Charity work, morals and values: Because these countries are gifting us with the highest quality oil. We gift them by ensuring the quality of their life, is equal to our standards. Over 43 established countries and over 26 developing countries are benefited from doTERRA sourcing the oils from their origin.

Testing and quality assurance: Each batch of essential oil is undergone stringent multiple tests by a third party. The quality assurance and standards must be met, for the oils to be then bottled up and sold. If a batch does not meet these requirements it will be discarded immediately. The reputation and quality standards of not worth being lost over a faulty batch of oil.

CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic grade): This is the highest standard available for essential oils, it’s this standard that we meet which assures our oils are 100% pure and organic. Sourced naturally and only plant based, nothing is mixed with your essential oils but the oil itself. No fillers, toxins or diluents. Hence the power of just 1 drop.

Overall our oils are sourced 100% naturally, ethically and environmentally. The quality behind that bottle of essential oil is far beyond just an essential oil. Not only are you supporting your overall health and wellbeing, but also your families and other families around the world, charitable organisations and overall the goal for a positive impact on the world. The love and passion is clearly evident when using and living the oils each day.