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Full Moon in Pisces

Full Moon

ūüĆĚ The Pisces Full Moon, will shine brightest at 9:54am (AEST) on Tuesday the 21st September, it is also the Spring Solstice. It will push you towards major spiritual growth.¬†Here is some moon guidance from our psychic reader Mel¬†Divinely Connected:

When I let go, I make space for better things to come in!

A Brief Overview
Forget logic, imagination and intuition are running the show now.
With the cool weather fading fast, and a push to make the most of the rest of the year. Virgo season tends to bring out the inner, practical student in all of us. Or maybe the promise of warmer breezes and long sunny days, everything has you daydreaming about life.

The Pisces full moon will sit closest to Neptune in the sky, amplifying emotional sensitivity, compassion, and psychic abilities. This could give way to colourful, eye-opening dreams at night or during the day and an exciting, otherworldly creative energy. The goal: to aid you in putting logic on the backburner, tuning into your inner light, and channelling that into a heart-fulfilling venture.

The full moon in Pisces will help you connect with your spiritual side. Back around the uplifting September new moon in Virgo, the mutable earth sign's magical side was on full display. Now, as the full moon cozies up to mystical Neptune in mutable water sign Pisces, we'll be swimming in a whole different style of spirituality. While Virgo is infatuated with data, facts, and footnotes galore, its opposite or sister sign, Pisces, is comfier with dreams, emotions, and intuition over rational thought. In fact, its ruling planet, Neptune, actually serves to cloud rational thought, blurring our crystal clear vision of the world, magnifying imagination, and encouraging escapism. 

In Depth:
Mercury and Jupiter bring a ton of luck, social buzz, and optimism to the party. 

Messenger Mercury is the social butterfly of the sky ‚ÄĒ¬†and it's currently in the sign that's basically the host with the most, cardinal air sign Libra. Meanwhile, fortunate Jupiter has that "go big or go home" vibe, magnifying everything it comes in contact with, and it's currently in personable fixed air sign Aquarius. These two power players come together to form a harmonious trine just an hour before the full moon is exact, setting a positive, easy-breezy, super-optimistic tone.¬†
Even though the Piscean feeling of the moment could have you wearing rose-coloured glasses and getting lost in daydreams, it guarantees an emphasis on social connection, vibrant, intellectually-stimulating conversation, flirtation, and big picture thinking.
And because Mercury can bring news just as readily as it can make it, you could find out that something you've been dreaming about or working toward or collaborating on is finally coming to fruition. Basically, you can expect these two benefices (aka planets that are generally helpful, uplifting) offer up a treasure trove of positivity, luck, and exciting, bold communication around this full moon.  
The moment won't be without a splash of intensity.
Two days after the full moon, on September 23, Mercury will clash with Pluto, the planet of transformation, in Capricorn, which could intensify communication and crank up the potential for power plays and coercion. You'll be able to go deep on any given topic, but it'll be best to avoid trying to manipulate anything or anyone outside of yourself, as that will likely only lead to conflict. 
But Mercury loves research, and Pluto rules the hidden, shadow side of life, so if you're feeling this aspect, you can take advantage by being your own private investigator. Being open-minded, curious, and willing to explore the inner workings of any given situation is one way to come away from this influence feeling informed and empowered. 

Full Moon Crystals

Amethyst: Will stimulate your intuition and soothe your emotions.
Saphhire:  Enhances your intuition and aids in providing guidance through your emotions.
Rose Quartz: Promotes love, compassion and peace.
Smokey Quartz: Will protect and ground you as you open spiritually and physically.

Full Moon Essential Oils

Balance: Fractionated Coconut Oil, Spruce Leaf, Ho Wood Leaf, Frankincense Resin, Blue Tansy Flower, Blue Chamomile Flower, Osmanthus Flower.

The calming aromas of Ho Wood, Blue Tansy, and Blue Chamomile essential oil found in Balance may help to promote feelings of calm and relaxation. It will also promote focus and allow you to re-centre yourself.  Balance will allow you to ground your energies and create a peaceful and mediative space so you can slow your mind.


You can find me sharing more of my magic over at Divinely Connect
Love and Blissbombs

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