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Blue Full Moon in Aquarius

🌝 The Aquarius Blue Full Moon will shine brightest at 10.01pm (AEST) Sunday the 22nd of August. Here is some moon guidance from our psychic reader Mel Divinely Connected:

"I allow love to flow to me and through me!"

A Brief Overview
A seasonal blue moon is third or fourth full moon in a season and it is an Aquarian Full Moon which aligns with the planet Jupiter. They are a reminder of your fullness and your magnetic power, and they also give us a powerful opportunity for renewal and rebirth.

This Blue Moon also takes place on the last day of the Lion’s Gate, which helps give power to the intentions we made on the new moon.

This full moon has an especially good influence on intimate relationships. It is an excellent moon phase for finding a long-term partner or having an exciting one-night stand. And couples can find greater commitment while also enjoying more stimulating and adventurous activities.

The lunar qualities of emotions and instincts reach their peak in this full moon. So, use your increased emotional strength and intuition to overcome any challenges.

This full moon brings optimism, generosity, good luck and success. Opportunities may arise for personal, material, and spiritual growth. It could be travel, education, wealth creation, or an intimate relationship.

So, this full moon should make you feel happy and content. Just remember to be grateful.

Full Moon Crystals

Carnelian: Brings warmth, closeness, and pleasure back into our lives. It is a rather fiery stone that is known for helping us reconnect which in turn awakens our desire. This is a stone that ignites passionate love; therefore, carrying it with us can help attract fervent, yet healthy intimate relationships. 

Red Jasper: If you're looking for ways to bring more passion into your life, RED JASPER is a crystal for you. It can help us extract raw energy from the ROOT CHAKRA and therefore, bring back a zest for life.

Because it is a revitalising stone, it ignites erotic energy within us. This way, our sexual energy gets naturally revived and we in turn become more magnetic to others. Then, we can bring more pleasure and passion into our relationships. This makes Red Jasper a great crystal for those who want to renew the spark in their relationship or discover new passions.

Rose Quartz: Is one of the crystals for sex that reconnects us with our sacred sexuality and helps us explore who we are as sexual beings. With its help, our sexuality gets a healthy outlet, and our relationships can become more intimate. More so, it helps us lovingly do that exploration, that is in tune with what we feel the most comfortable with. The vibration of Rose Quartz helps us release limiting beliefs regarding intimacy, which has a very healing effect. Rose Quartz is also a beautiful stone to work with if you are wanting to attract love into your life.

Full Moon Essential Oils

Lavender: Significantly decreases anxiety and stress and is often used meditatively to increase high levels of relaxation.

Sandalwood: Is an exquisite oil to arouse your senses and elevate mood in women, plus it has long been held as a sacred oil to increase desire.

Ylang Ylang: Essential oil is associated with feelings of euphoria and relieves depression, widely used as a perfume to enhance self esteem.

Full Moon Self Care Ritual

For this ritual you will need: 

  • Your new moon intention(s)
  • A bathtub or foot soak
  • Moon Water (if you have some saved from the last full moon) if not don’t worry as your intentions are the most powerful part.
  • Essential Oils (or other methods of adding relaxing aromas to your atmosphere)
  • Candles burned in safe containers
  • Water Safe Crystals (optional)
  • Relaxing Music

Prepare your ritual space:
One great way to do this is to both physically and energetically cleanse the space. Burning sage or palo santo.

Continue to create a beautiful atmosphere for your ritual:
Dim the lights and light some candles. If you are in a place where you can’t have open flames, twinkle lights help add magic to the environment. Turn on relaxing music and prepare your bath water to the temperature of your liking.

Sink into the tub take a few moments to center your energy:
Take deep breaths and focus on your heart center.

  • As you breathe in through your nose imagine you are breathing in a pure white gold healing light. Breathe in for 4 seconds and hold that breath in your body for about 6 seconds.
  • As you hold the breath, imagine this light swirling around inside your body, shaking up stagnant or negative energy you no longer need.
  • Release the breath slowly for about 8 seconds through your nose imagining that you are breathing out all that no longer serves you.
  • Repeat this breath exercise a few times until you begin to feel clear and refreshed.

The 4,6,8 breath is a very powerful way to shift your nervous system from fight or flight. It can almost instantly bring peace to your nervous system and cleanse your auric field. Adding your imagination to the breath by imagining the healing light can further amp the power of the breath. Our imagination is a valuable tool!

Repeat the following intention:
Saying it out loud to help facilitate the movement and cleansing of this energy (If you feel called to do so).

“I cut off and remove all energy being sent to me, directed at me or carried within me that is not for my highest good. I transmute it to my highest good, all that can’t be transmuted is cleansed and cleared with this bath.”
Remember your New Moon Intentions:
Now that you are at a neutral point again, it’s time to bring in the new! As you relax in the tub, focus your mind on your intentions and ask yourself what does it feel like to reach your goals? What does the “new you” feel like? How do you feel when you talk? Visualise how you respond in situations that might feel challenging to the present you? What does this feel like when you visualise this new self?

Begin to generate feelings of gratitude, love, acceptance, appreciation and compassion in your heart as you visualise your goals coming to fruition.

How you feel is so important when it comes to manifesting the life that you want. Emotion means energy in motion. When you can take charge of your emotions, you take charge of your personal energy flow. And, this also helps us know how the opportunities will feel when they present themselves to us. This is a way of building your emotional intuition.

Stay in the tub as long as need while visualising and feeling into the new you:
As you begin to come back to the real world, as you are about to drain the tub, ask yourself, what might you need to give up or cleanse away in your day to day like that is blocking your path to this outcome?
As your body relaxes, and your energy field clears, you will feel your mind begin to clear as well. This can help you see the areas in your life that need adjustment. As the water drains around you, visualise all that no longer serves you washing down the drain.


You can find me sharing more of my magic over at Divinely Connect
Love and Blissbombs

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