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Full Moon in Leo

Full Moon

🌝 The Leo Full Moon will shine brightest at 3.56am (AEDT) on Thursday 17th February. Here is some moon guidance from our psychic reader Mel @_divinelyconnected_

“I allow myself to sparkle brightly for the world to see.”


The year was off to a rocky and retrograde filled start and it is time to prepare for a big cosmic climax which takes place during this full moon, which falls off the back of Valentines Day. It is sure to be a gorgeous time full of illumination which puts us in touch with our passions and brings us opportunity to step forward in life with confidence. February’s full moon can sometimes be known as the Snow Moon, but its spiritual meaning is all about heating things up and putting the fire under our desires, so don’t delay love beams it’s time to sparkle.

Full Moon Crystals


Helps you with your go getter attitude so you fulfil your passions with courage and motivation.

Will help with sustaining your success and bringing the flow of abundance.


Will help you radiate joy and optimism so you tap into you creative spirit.

Full Moon Essential Oils

Melissa: Promotes higher vibes so you glow from the inside out with generosity.

Ginger: Promotes feelings of centeredness around inner beliefs and actions.

Wild Orange: Stimulates a sense of joy and motivation keeping you focused.

Self Care Ritual

Infuse your spirit and dance like no one is watching. Eat a lavish meal with friends and bath in bubbles. It is time to heighten your senses and claim your sovereignty as a Divine, Holy, Sacred Goddess.


You can find me sharing more of my magic over at Divinely Connect
Love and Blissbombs

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