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Full Moon in Cancer

Full Moon

🌝 The Cancer Full Moon will shine brightest at 7:51pm (AEDT) on Monday 17th January. Here is some moon guidance from our psychic reader Mel  @_divinelyconnected_

“I follow my heart so I can trust my path!”


The Cancer Full Moon exposes your deepest emotions and darkest secrets. Compulsive behaviour, extreme emotional reactions, and a tendency to manipulate and control could result in relationship drama if you don’t share your intense and complex feelings with someone. Be prepared for rashness, carelessness, anger and jealousy.

Conscious awareness of these unpleasant influences is needed to avoid emotional manipulation and the potential for arguments over the next two weeks of this moon phase. Thankfully, the January’s new moon will continue to provide the higher self-awareness and intuition you can use to understand your powerful and intense feelings and reactions.

Full Moon Crystals


With its calming, balancing, cleansing properties is a great stone to soothing heightened emotions and anxieties.

Will sustain your awareness and support your spiritual growth. 

Full Moon Essential Oils

Frankincense: Promotes feelings of relaxation, peace, and overall wellness, plus it is wonderful to diminish feelings of stress and anxiety.

Patchouli: Promotes feelings of balance, being grounded, and gives you a sense of stability and security when times are challenging.

Rose: Stimulates the release of dopamine in the brain and is beneficial in healing the heart, connecting us to love.

Self Care Ritual

☽ Go barefoot in nature and earth yourself, connect into your body and breathe.

☽ Come home and bathe in a salt bath or foot soak.

☽ Prepare a nourishing meal and savour the flavours.

☽ Write a list of everything you appreciate about yourself.


You can find me sharing more of my magic over at Divinely Connect
Love and Blissbombs

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