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Evelyn Necklace - pink - The Wong Way
Evelyn - pink - The Wong Way
Evelyn Necklace - pink - The Wong Way
Evelyn Necklace - pink - The Wong Way
Evelyn - pink - The Wong Way
Evelyn Necklace - pink - The Wong Way

Evelyn Necklace | pink

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Stars are formed inside clouds of gas and dust known as nebulas which exist throughout the galaxy. Our tiny 5 point star Evelyn is a symbol of this magic created. Capture a little of her star dust today.

  • - Available in solid 925 sterling silver, 9K solid yellow and 9K solid rose gold

  • - PREORDERS available for our Gold Range turnover time up to21 business days as we make everything ourselves by hand on the Central Coast. Express shipped once made just for you.
  • - 10mm pink lava stone

  • - 4mm black lava stones on back clutch area

  • - 5 pointed 5mm solid star (sterling silver, 9K yellow or 9K rose gold)

  • - Adjustable 45cm to 40cm chain

  • - Handmade with love in Australia

  • - *we offer lifelong guarantee and replacement for your lava beads if ever required.


Lava stones are able to absorb and diffuse essential oils so not only is this a beautiful piece, but you are able to experience the incredible aromatherapy benefits when applying an essential oil to the lava stone. This versatile jewellery will have you smelling heavenly, feeling uplifted and calm.

We recommend applying 1 drop of the essential oil on a tissue or on your finger and then rub the oil over the lava bead. The oil will slowly absorb and the aroma can last anywhere between a few hours to a few days depending on your activity.

We want you to have this aromatherapy experience when your jewellery arrives, which is why we gift you a small sample of 100% pure lavender essential oil, so you can experience these benefits instantly!


Lava stone is one of the oldest stones found in the world, used throughout centuries, different cultures used the lava stones to protect, ground and empower.

Lava stone is made of basalt, an indigenous rock formed during a volcanic eruption. Below the surface of active volcanoes, the temperature and pressure is the perfect conditions to melt the rock. So when the volcano erupts it throws out molten rock. When this rock comes into contact with the cool atmosphere of the earth it begins to solidify. A fiery ball that bubbles to the surface to bring us these beautiful pieces.

Having the properties of such raw energy, it has a stabilising effect on overall emotions and energies for a person or space. Spiritually, lava stones assist with grounding and balancing the root chakra. Providing endurance and strength within self and stability during moments of disarray. Lava stone strengthens our relationship with the earth and dispels anything that may no longer serve us, as well as negativity. A beautiful stone of rebirth and shedding unneeded layers of emotional attachments.

*Note, due to the natural and handmade nature of this product, colours and textures of the lava stone may differ slightly to photos online. The lava bead itself is delicate in nature and may change slightly overtime, because this isn't avoidable as every stone is uniquely different, we offer lifetime guarantee and replacement for your lava beads if ever required. More information can be found here

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