Emotions Flashcards - The Wong Way
Emotions Flashcards - The Wong Way
Emotions Flashcards - The Wong Way
Emotions Flashcards - The Wong Way
Emotions Flashcards - The Wong Way
Emotions Flashcards - The Wong Way

Emotions Flashcards

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Learn what all those good smells can do for your emotions! Our Aromatherapy Essential Oil Flashcards help you find the right diffusing oil to get your mood on point!

So what's included?

Each box has 50 cards that can go wherever your oils go - making it easy to share with friends, fellow yogis, family or some random stranger on the street!

What else should I know?
  • - Each card is laminated for durability, oil protection and because it feels so nice.

  • - Each box includes a flexible, metal ring to hold all your cards together.

  • - The cards measure 3.25x3.25" so they're easy to hold and throw in your bag.

The "give me some of that" kind of emotions

Acceptance, Calm, Committed, Confidence, Courage, Creative, Enthusiasm, Desire, Faith, Gratitude, Happiness, Honest, Hope, Joy, Kindness, Love, Passion, Pleasure, Responsible, Satisfaction, Trust, Virtuous

The "get outta here" kind of emotions

Anger, Anticipation, Anxiety, Beaten Down, Betrayed, Bitterness, Cranky, Defenceless, Depressed, Despair, Distraught, Exhausted, Fear, Greedy, Grief, Guilt, Hate, Intimidated, Panic, Pride, Sadness, Shame, Stressed, Surprise, Trapped, Vulnerable

  • - A bold splash of colour that was chosen based on what colour we were feeling when we imagined ourselves if that mood

  • - The name emotion you're hoping to promote or fight back (the emotions are listed below)

  • - A funny, motivational, inspiring affirmation to help push in the right direction. The style of these affirmations will change depending on the card and based on our mood while creating them for you.

  • -A list of oils you can choose from to help promote or fight the mood you're in.

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Customer Reviews

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Such wonderful service. Beautifully presented and arrived so quickly within a day of placing my order. ✨✨✨✨✨. Emotions cards are fantastic and Affirmation cards are gorgeous. Thank you Izy and Team


Happy with my purchase.
Emotions cards are fantastic