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Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

Full Moon

ūüĆĚ The Taurus Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse, will shine brightest at 7:57pm (AEST) on Friday the 19th November. Here is some moon guidance from our psychic reader Mel¬†Divinely Connected:

Affirmation - choose which one resonates with you
" I am open to the changes that are flowing to me. "
" I ground myself deeper in my truth and embrace my purpose. "
" I am open to supported, loving relationships and all that I desire manifest in divine timing. "
" I trust in the unfolding and I am fully supported by the Universe. "

The Full Moon in Taurus delivers big changes around love, money and self-worth.

Full moons are about endings that have to happen in order for us to make room for the doors to open with an abundance of new beginnings. When the full moon is accompanied by a lunar eclipse, the energy of the moment is often extremely intense and possibly overwhelming for some of us. They all come together to create powerful change. As this month’s full moon falls in the down-to-earth, sensual, security focused Taurus, which is ruled by the planet Venus, things are going to shake up around love, money and self-worth. The best way to deal with this powerful full moon is to dance it out, move the body, free yourself from all inhibitions and let joy permeate your being.

This full moon will have the energy of ‚Äúgo big or go home‚ÄĚ and it is important to remember that having more is not necessarily the answer, so it may actually amplify any feelings of lack around money, don‚Äôt fall into any negative patterns that maybe lingering there, do what you can to reverse any limiting beliefs.¬†You may experience less clarity and confusion about your direction about your life and this can lead to communication breakdowns, try not to be stubborn and dig your heels in, embrace an open mind to flow through the energy of what will be an intense full moon period.

Full Moon Crystals


Is known as The Merchant's Stone because of its ability to assist us in the areas of manifestation, abundance, wealth, and prosperity. With its help, we can better attract the people and situations we need to make our dreams come true. It's a positive stone that is all about vitality, joy, warmth, and new beginnings.

Its energy is highly uplifting, and it can help us to feel more creative, inspired, confident, generous, radiant, and happy. Citrine is also considered to be one of the good luck crystals because it deters negative energy, and not only does it help us to see the good in situations, but it also helps us find the solutions that can improve bad situations.


Will boost the healing properties of other stones for good luck. It's a strong amplifier that can be used in conjunction with other crystals to enhance their beneficial properties. Clear Quartz is also programmable, which means you can program it to amplify your intentions. Just hold it while stating your intention and it will support you!

On its own, Clear Quartz is very versatile, and it can bring you good luck in any way you desire, whether it be providing you with healing energy, drawing away pain, finding your purpose, or cleansing your inner spirit. It's a high energy stone that promotes optimistic feelings, serving as a source of light in the darkness. As a crown chakra stone, it also provides a strong connection to higher consciousness, helping us to find the answers we seek.


Is the crystal perhaps best known for being the stone of unconditional love. It’s believed by some to emit a strong vibration of love, joy and emotional healing. Rose Quartz the crystal of universal love. Shows us unconditional love, kindness and calling in that softness we can sometimes need when things may feel intense, heated or resentment is felt in any relationship.
This softness, helps open the heart and clears feelings of anger or jealously. Fostering empathy, reconciliation and forgiveness of others. Allowing us to come back to love. Love is beautiful when felt in all areas of our life, a beautiful crystal to have in your home to attract abundance and flow of unconditional love.

Full Moon Essential Oils

Wild Orange: Abundance and possibility. Wild Orange is a fabulous essential oil for the power of association. For many of us when we smell an orange, it brings us back to those childhood memories when things were very abundant and there were a lot of possibilities. It is a feel-good, uplifting essential oil.

Geranium: Is the oil of love and trust for heart centre healing it increases empathy, trust, compassion and gentleness. A perfect oil to connect with yourself and your hearts desires.

Melissa: With a fresh, citrus-like aroma, Melissa oil is useful for calming tension and nerves, promoting feelings of relaxation, and uplifting mood. The next time you want to refresh your thoughts or calm feelings of nervousness, reach for a bottle of Melissa.

Full Moon Self-Care Ritual

The energy this moon will bring can help awaken the goddess within. It's a time to adorn yourself with beautiful, sensual, soft, and sweet-smelling things. After all, Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and pleasure.

This ritual is to be fully present in self-love, it is about adorning your space with flowers, candles, crystals and eat delicious foods. It is about feeling into all of your senses and allowing yourself to receive the love from all the things that give you pleasure.

1). Create an alter with all of this deliciousness, prepare a bath or ceremonial shower and be conscious of bathing all limitations away. Wear light flowing clothes, light your candles and immerse yourself in the energy of food, crystals and flowers.
2). It is a time to honour every aspect of your Divine, Holy Sacredness.
3). Breathe and relax into your being.


You can find me sharing more of my magic over at Divinely Connect
Love and Blissbombs

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