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Selenite Heart Bowl - The Wong Way

Selenite Heart Bowl

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  • Protection
  • Cleanse
  • Clarity

High vibrational selenite, beams its beautiful light to protect our energy, emotions and aura. This can be of great benefit if you are someone that can easily take on others emotional baggage. Selenite cleanses our mind of limiting beliefs or negativity, allowing us to be honest and connect with ourselves.

Selenite is commonly used during meditation as it is connected to our crown chakra, which represents wisdom and spirituality. This can help us anchor into how we may be truly feeling. Cleansing not only our mind, body and spirit but also the ability to cleanse other crystals we may have. The translucent white is a reflection of our purity and divine energy we all have within.

Crystals are intuitively hand selected. 


15cm L x 13.5cm W x 3cm H (approximately)


Selenite is a great Crystal to live alongside your other crystals to support and cleanse their energies. Entrances and areas in the home where people may enter is perfect, enabling a cleanse and purification of the energies entering the space. This is perfect for you also when you aren't wanting any attachments from the day to come home in your safe space.

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Customer Reviews

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Alesha C.
selenite heart bowl

absolutely gorgeous and holds all 13 crystals on it 🥰🥰🥰

Simone Mears

The Selenite heart bowl is absolutely stunning in person!