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IRIDESCENT - The Experience | Deposit - The Wong Way
IRIDESCENT - The Experience | Deposit - The Wong Way
IRIDESCENT - The Experience | Deposit - The Wong Way
IRIDESCENT - The Experience | Deposit - The Wong Way
IRIDESCENT - The Experience | Deposit - The Wong Way
IRIDESCENT - The Experience | Deposit - The Wong Way
IRIDESCENT - The Experience | Deposit - The Wong Way

IRIDESCENT - The Experience | Deposit

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IRIDESCENT - The Experience

Early Bird Admission closes 11:59pm AEST on the 10th of October 2022.

A seven day embodiment dedicated to nourishing your mind, body and soul. A complete bespoke, annual event travelling from Sydney to Byron Bay making intentional stops along the way in our NEW Iridescent bus as we connect deeper within ourselves. We will be staying in the most beautiful accommodation oasis’ for 4 nights and connecting with Mother Earth camping on the land for 3 nights in lush forestry.

All inclusive organic plant based meals prepared fresh. Each day will be filled with beautiful practices to ignite your light. Yoga, meditation, sound bath healing, women’s circles, bespoke workshops, hikes, cacao ceremonies, exploration days and so much more.

Encapsulating all aspects of your being each day as we focus on our chakras and intention for the day. Your moment to shine and come home to your true essence.

This exclusive experience is limited to 16 beautiful beings. If this is a journey you wish to embark on click through the link in our bio for more details and to make the commitment to you.

You are the divine iridescent being of light.


Honouring the divine being of iridescent light within you. Growing, evolving and changing. Coming home to your true self. A beautiful beam of light radiating all the colours and shades when seen in many ways.

How can we shine brighter in our own lives?

How are we showing up in the world?

Most importantly how are we showing up for ourselves?

A complete seven day embodiment transcending through all our colours of light, finding balance and aligning our true essence. Igniting our core values, passions and strengths. Finding our purpose in how we show up, how we live, how we simply be.

Journeying through each day, as we set our intentions and focus on balancing our chakras. Travelling up along the coast line basking in the radiance of our surroundings, as we experience Mother Earth’s beauty, connecting deeper.



13th of September 2023 - 20th of September 2023

Together we will be making our way up the Coastline, the higher we travel, the higher we vibrate, working our way through the chakras each day. Travelling as one in our NEW Iridescent bus, an annual event exclusively for 16 beautiful beings.

This bespoke embodiment is designed exclusively for the modern day woman, the woman that always puts others first, the woman that holds the fort in her circle, the woman that is ready for a moment to herself and her own growth within.


  • ✧ Travel - Picking up guests from Sydney, The Central Coast and return.
  • ✧ Accomodation - x3 nights lush camping, x4 nights in luxury accomodation.
  • ✧ Food & Beverages - Organic plant based meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • ✧ Experiences - Admission fees and costs for all classes, experiences and workshops.
  • ✧ A beautiful IRIDESCENT goodie bag will be gifted on arrival valued at over $300 


  • ✧ Day 1 IGNITE: ROOT - Grounding | Stability | Foundations
  • ✧ DAY 2 RADIANCE: SACRAL - Sensuality | Self Expression | Feminine
  • ✧ DAY 3 ILLUMINOUS: SOLAR PLEXUS - Personal Power | Integrity | Confidence
  • ✧ DAY 4 ONENESS: HEART - Unconditional Love | Forgiveness | Compassion
  • ✧ DAY 5 SHINE: THROAT - Communication | Truth | Clarity
  • ✧ DAY 6 TRANSCEND: THIRD EYE - Intuition | Awakening | Inner Knowing
  • ✧ DAY 7 IRIDESCENT: CROWN - Surrender | Consciousness | Whole


  • ✧ DAY 1: Opening Circle | Fire Ceremony | Yoga - Grounding Yin
  • ✧ DAY 2: Sunrise Hike | GUIDED BREATH & Meditation | Salt Scrub Workshop | Energising Workout | Feminine Embodiment Dance
  • ✧ DAY 3: Yoga - Vinyasa | GUIDED BREATH & Meditation | Empowering Mantras | Nourishing Yourself Workshop
  • ✧ DAY 4: Meditation | Promise Lands Exploration | Women's Circle | Drum Circle
  • ✧ DAY 5: Crystal Castles Exploration | Sound Bath Healing | Killen Falls Exploration | Throat Activation
  • ✧ DAY 6: Sunrise Meditation | Cape Byron Lighthouse Exploration | Cacao Ceremony | Gratitude Jar Creation | Yoga _ Introspective Yin
  • ✧ DAY 7: Sunrise Meditation | Energising Workout | Cacao Ceremony | Acknowledgement Circle | Sound Bath Healing | Celebration Evening

The oneness within has been restored, the iridescent light within will continue to illuminate brighter than ever before as you come home feeling nourished in every way, mind, body and soul.

This is your moment to shine and come home with your true essence.

You are the divine iridescent being of light.


To secure your place in our once in a lifetime experience, purchase a $500 non refundable deposit. You will then receive an email with your welcome pack and further details in relation to your payment completion. Payment options include:

  • ✧ Full payment $6300 (minus $500 deposit)
  • ✧ x5 $1160.00 monthly payment plan
  • ✧ x10 $580.00 fortnightly payment plan

Once your first payment is made, you will receive in the mail your Iridescent Welcome Gift. Early Bird Admission closes 11:59pm AEST on the 10th of October 2022.

*Due to current weather conditions and circumstances in relation to the Northern River floods, we have created a Plan B to relocate this experience to another region if required by unforeseeable circumstances. 

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