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Human Design Reading - The Wong Way

Human Design Reading

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A 90 minute session where we will explore key aspects of your Human Design Chart - including your type, strategy, profile, defined/undefined centres, and channels. We will also delve into lifestyle guidance, including the best way to sleep, exercise, eat and manifest according to your unique design.

What is Human Design?

If you like Astrology, you'll love Human Design. I describe it as Astrology on steroids. Human Design is a system that incorporates Astrology, the Chakras, Chinese I Ching, Kabballah, Quantum Physics and Vedic philosophies into one modality.

By using your birth details, it gives a map of your body, and shows to best use your energy in the world. It gives you clarity on why you are the way you are and helps you understand yourself on a much deeper level. By following and honouring your unique design, you will be on the path of least resistance, and be in a constant state of ease, flow and alignment.


I'm Ashlee - I'm a Cancer sun, with a Virgo moon, and Gemini Rising, and a Manifestor in Human Design.

In 2017, I went through a breakup that launched me into my journey of self-development and spirituality. I realised I knew nothing about myself, and what my true purpose/passion in life was.

I dove deep into my own self-work for a number of years and re-discovered myself. I am now an Astrologer, Human Design reader and Wellness Coach, and love helping my clients to “find” themselves through the modalities that helped me.

Join me on this journey to Awaken and Rise!

Available for in store readings: Thursday


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Please ensure you have included the following details for your Human Design Reading:

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  • D.O.B
  • Place of Birth

We unfortunately can't accept your booking unless we have these details. 

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