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Mel Cooper

Mel is a Psychic/Medium with Advanced Diplomas in coaching, counselling and Energetic Medicine. She is also an Ordained Minister with a Doctorate in Spirituality and is fully qualified in Tantrica. A life long student of Shamanic Practices and an Alchemist.

Mel has been communicating with spirit since the age of three and some would say that her ancestors chose Mel to do this work, rather than Mel choosing this path. Mel has been working intuitively her whole life however, her gifts of Clairsentience, Clairaudience and Clairvoyance begin to evolve after she got hit by a car at thirteen and flatlined. She has been journeying on through life ever since.

Her gift of empathy has opened her heart expansively, where now she can see-feel-hear-know the messages her clients need. Mel brings warmth, compassion and understanding to her readings, assisting you with message of love from past, present and future with evidential experiences.

Everything that I offer my clients are expressions of my heart guided by passion, life experiences and education.

I am an Internationally Published Author of “Moments of Grace” and "Buddha In The Bedroom". I have made regular appearances on National Television with Good Morning AustraliaThe Kerrie-Anne Show and ABC Radio. As well as writing for Australian wide publications such as CosmopolitanWhiteBlackrose and Insight Magazine, I regularly contributed to online platforms such as In-Shape NewsMouths Of Mums and Relationship Works. Plus, I have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Dr John Gray (Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus), in 2014 and Dr Ava Cardell.

I began my journey of study well over 38 years ago and I am in a constant state of appreciation and at times in awe and bewilderment of the profound affect to heal and move beyond any limitations through the self expression. I am a Mother, a Soul Sister, a Mystic Lover of the Divine, Author, Writer and a challenger of the stigma’s, judgements, criticisms and limiting beliefs, society and ourselves place upon our right to choose for ourselves, no matter the path we take.

I am endorsed by formal education in Western Psychology and Eastern Philosophy incorporating practices such as Buddhism and Tantra. My qualifications also include a Doctorate in Spiritual Ministry and Sexual Shamanism, Sexologist with Advanced Diploma’s in Counselling and Life Coaching, which are instrumental in my success as an Author, Writer and Guide.

I offer my clients a safe place to land and feel into their truths, so they can live authentically, with love in their hearts for themselves and the world around them. I will help you see the unconscious patterns holding you back from stepping into your personal power where you live a life full of love, joy and prosperity.